I've graduated! So what now?

Hello all! It's been a busy time since I last posted: travelling to Carmarthen, Wales for my graduation, taking part in a choral charity event and now packing for my upcoming tour!


So yes – I have graduated! And what a lovely day it was. After three brilliantly tough, hard working years of training I can proudly say I have a first class BA Honours degree in Acting (yikes!). The sunshine stayed out for our last photos together as a year group and it was a very memorable, special occasion – a privilege to be a part of.

So…now what?

Its every graduate’s initial fears - what am I supposed to do in this big scary world? And how?

I think we have to be brave, take chances and keep doing what we want to be doing, whatever that may be. I am very lucky in that this summer I will be doing what I love and performing each day in the children’s show ‘The Reluctant Dragon’.

I didn’t fully know what I was letting myself in for when I auditioned in October and found out I got the part of ‘player 2/mother’ but its been a whirlwind ever since. From a lot of initial group meetings, crowd funders and fundraising events throughout the year, we finally started a block of rehearsals in Easter. It was then that I truly realised how much fun it is going to be. Full of energy, songs and humour it is a brilliant piece for all the families this summer. I’m looking forward to gaining lots of experience from this tour, building up my stamina for the 2-3 shows we will be performing each day and of course working together to perform at the best we can (while sometimes camping in between!) And if anything it should be a laugh! All info is at the bottom so please take a look at what we’ve achieved so far and if you can – come and watch! Otherwise I will be blogging more about it (+hopefully during) in the near future.

Me in rehearsals with Tom Godwood and Joshua David Bartholomew

Since graduating and preparing for the tour I have also been involved in a Four Choirs singing event, raising money for the charity ‘Born too soon’. My previous singing teacher asked me if I wanted to be involved as a part of the promenade project choir and I jumped at the chance to continue my singing. After only a 3 hour rehearsal on some complex 8 part arrangements (all sight reading!), we performed on Sunday 12th July at St Mary’s Church. It was a lovely event, with a large turn out and it raised £900! I look forward to more singing in the future both independently and as part of a choir.

In the Four Choirs Festival Concert at St Mary's Church, Oatlands

I think that’s enough from me for one blog, thanks for reading and see you soon!

p.s My show reel will be up and running soon – watch this space!

The Reluctant Dragon

A 50 minute children's theatre piece performed and produced by BlackOut Theatre Co.

Originally written by Kenneth Grahame and adapted by Toby Hulse.

'The story is about a young boy and his family who discover a dragon living nearby. Everybody who lives in the villages starts to worry about the dragon, except the young boy, who goes out to talk to the dragon, soon discovering that things are not what they seem.'

The cast and tour coodinators after our performance at the Wales Millenium Centre for the Student Dance and Theatre Festival 26-28th June 2015