The end is nigh... again!

So here we are, 2016, looming towards the summer months and I have come to realise that it has been over a year since I performed my last ever production at university. Yep, you know what I’m going to say – but its gone so quickly!!

In June 2015 I was full of emotions, anxious about the next steps and excited about the future. A year on, to this very moment I feel exactly the same.

As I near the end of my second professional acting job, to which I have spent a lovely year with, I can’t help but feel that soon enough I am going to be back where I was with degree in hand looking into an undetermined future.

Well perhaps it’s not EXACTLY the same – of course it isn’t. In this year of working I have gained a more solid understanding of what I want from my career, what I need to do and how to keep going. Outside of my acting world things are changing too, my parents are soon to be moving to Wales (goodbye beloved childhood home!) and I am moving to London with my boyfriend ready to face the world in all its crazy glory. I think with these personal occurrences alone I have a lot to be apprehensive about.

My mind though, is also whirring about new headshots that I need to get, a Showreel which has burdened my mind for a while now and the familiar nerves about getting back into the unemployed acting whirl. Its no wonder I can feel it all get too much sometimes. And when it does I must take a step back, breathe and take a break. Focus on what makes me happy and take it one step at a time. Work out strategies, lists, and research what needs to be done in order for me to progress in my career positively rather than let it become this pile of unwelcome stuff that I don’t know how to deal with.

I guess it can be hard for anyone finding the balance between personal life and work and I think we should not feel guilty for choosing one over the other at certain moments in our life. I know that when my contract ends and I have stepped into the unknown at the same time as moving out of my much loved house to create a new home in London, my wellbeing comes first. Being far away from my parents is going to take some adjustments and I know that may affect how I deal with finding work. I have to prepare myself as much as I can for the big changes that are upcoming and be positive in what I have achieved so far and have confidence in myself that everything is going to be okay. At least, that is what I wish I could say to my year ago, post graduated self. And if for one tiny moment is isn’t okay? Pop the kettle on and have a cuppa.