The Young Artists Festival 2017

Just under a month ago I spent an intensive, busy week at Cardiff’s first pub theatre, ‘The Other Room’, as part of their Young Artists Festival 2017.

After an initial application and audition I was thrilled to be invited to meet other young creatives to be a part of workshops, rehearsed readings and three performances formed from one and a half days of rehearsal.

Me in a performance of 'The Assimilation of St. David' by Steffan Donnelly

During a performance of 'The Assimilation of St.David' by Steffan Donnelly

Photo Credit: Aenne Pallasca

Of course the week flew by! We were situated at the theatre and rehearsal rooms all day every day for a week – sometimes 10am-10pm in order to get every possible experience, through rehearsals and simply getting to know each other. It was great to learn how to become a company so quickly and know that putting on a show doesn’t have to be a long, stressful process – it can be done in 5 days!

I am so grateful for the opportunity The Other Room has given me and the other young artists during this festival. I’ve learned how welcoming those working within a theatre really are and how much they want to help the next generation create their own innovative work.

Post show picture!

Post show pic!

It was amazing meeting so many enthusiastic actors, writers, directors, stage managers and all those who helped us during the week. I am delighted to be going back at the end of July to perform in a rehearsed reading and seeing everyone again in this lovely creative space.

Here is The Other Room website (go see their work!) –

The Young Artists of 2017

Young Artists 2017