My 30 Day Creativity Challenge

2020. What.A.Year.

It’s been quite something hasn’t it? And we still have two and a half months left. We still have winter, a gripping American election and a potential lockdown Christmas to get through. Pass me the mulled wine…

Obviously, it's been a really hard year for everyone. We’ve missed loved ones, had to change work environments and spend SO much time at home. I’m so used to being in my flat sometimes it feels easier just to stay in...

Personally, with the theatre industry coming to a complete halt it’s been a difficult thing to grasp and this hasn’t helped me creatively. I thrive on being creative whether that’s through baking, making my own face masks or doing some painting. It helps me relax and take off any pressure in my day. I’ve found recently that I have felt lost and uncertain of many things causing my creative side to take a back seat which, on reflection, hasn’t been good for my mental health.

From this realisation I’ve decided to try and get myself exploring my imagination and do a 30 day creativity challenge.

I did a quick google of 30 day creativity challenges and found one that best suited me from a quick scroll. What’s great about it is that it is less of a challenge and more of a gift that I can do every day. It means I make sure to find the time in my day to do something arty – whatever it is it tells me to do that day. Some activities may only take ten minutes, like a meditation task or make a playlist and some may take the whole day – like visiting an art gallery. The idea is to get me back into the groove of doing the things that I love.

Lockdown Fun: Paint By Numbers Avengers (it took weeks!)

A week in and I’m really enjoying it. I feel like it’s helped with my productivity and it’s given me a boost in feeling good. So far I’ve been on a lovely (albeit rainy) nature walk, watched a TED talk and had a solo dance party – ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé anyone?

What really surprised me was how easy I found some of the tasks. One day I had to write a poem and I took the time out of my afternoon to write one. I haven’t written a poem in years so I thought it was going to be tough but the stormy weather gave me inspiration and I just wrote words on a page. It made me realise that I have more in me than I realise. Without worrying about how good it had to be I just wrote whatever I felt with zero pressure. Take a look on my blog page to have a read of the poem if you so wish!

So if you are feeling a bit rubbish at the moment and uninspired, go ahead and find a creativity challenge that suits you. Days can be swapped around or maybe you can even write your own. I think when my challenge ends I will be looking to keep up my creativity tasks everyday to give my brain and body some well earned ‘me’ time.