On the first day of Christmas my PM gave to me...

On the first day of Christmas my PM gave to me…. a bubble for British families.

Pinch punch first day of the month! Welcome to December in 2020. A lot of people would agree (for those that celebrate it) Christmas has officially arrived – let the cheesy pop songs ring out and the daily chocolates be devoured.

Its felt more needed than ever this year and its shown through the early decorations shining both in and outside our houses. My tree went up on the last weekend of November so not too extreme but it certainly has perked up our flat which we have spent so much time in this year due to all of the lockdowns.

So what does Christmas look like during a global pandemic? Well socially distanced shopping, less Christmas pantos *oh no there isn't* um yes really and let’s face it some joke cleaning product presents (Facemasks and anti bac gel stocking fillers anyone?)

One thing is for sure the holidays are going to be harder this year. With restrictions of how many people we can see and the days that we can travel, sacrifices are going to be made which is devastating to many of us. We just want to cuddle our friends and family!! This time of year is always difficult for many people and having a lockdown is only going to make it harder. We need to be kind to those around us, friends and strangers alike, and make sure we do what we can to help ourselves too.

Something me and my fiancé have decided to do this year is make a Christmas film list to get through and have fun rating them as we go along. We know that it will fill our time as well as hopefully getting us into the much needed Christmassy mood. On our list we have chosen films that we always watch each year with delight as well as those we have never seen. Our ratings are out of 10 and are based on the overall story and Christmassy feel. There are many terrible Christmas films out there so we feel these categories will sort them out from the heart warming gems to the unwanted poopers.

For high ratings in the Christmassy feel category I’m expecting a classic Christmas soundtrack, some visuals (Turkey dinner, snow, trees, bonus points for Santa) and overall feeling of joy. One of the films picked like ‘Gremlins’ may have a strong story but points will lack slightly in the Christmassy feel department – sorry gizmo!

Strong points in the story category will be given for relatable Christmas circumstances like buying last minute presents or families coming together around the dinner table and also points will be awarded for a story that has its ups, downs, twists and turns. Put simply I want a story that brings delight and everything you want from a Christmas film. I feel like Love Actually will score highly here (so many character crossovers!)

If you feel like joining us on our Christmas film adventure I’ve included the list below. I tried to choose a range from the classics to the new/ real life or animated/ and the popular to the unknown.

We’ve begun our Christmas viewing and it's certainly taking us away from the gloomy winter and helping us step into the warm fireplace of mince pies, hot chocolates and feel good escapism. Everything we need to end this difficult year.

Merry Christmas, keep safe and look after yourself x

p.s If you choose just one film off this list I implore you to watch Klaus. Its an animated film that came out last year on Netflix and it is JOYOUS. You’re welcome.


- Krampus

- Love Actually

- Gremlins

- Elf

- Die Hard

- Klaus

- The Grinch (animated)

- Home Alone

- The Polar Express

- Home Alone 2

- The Family Stone

- The Holiday

- Deck The Halls

- The Muppets Christmas Carol

- The Night Before

- Miracle on 34th Street

- Arthur Christmas

- The Christmas Chronicles

- Last Christmas

- The Christmas Chronicles 2